Friday, 20 April 2012

Week One - Challenge completed!

Well that was my first week and I'm so exited to show you the results. I've found it really easy this week to stick to the foods and I've actually really enjoyed it. We have had so much fresh fruit and veg in the house its been lovely. I have to admit I've done absolutely no exercise as i've been busy at work moving offices.....which I reckon probblably helped with moving boxes up and down stairs!!!

So lets have a look at the results......

I lost in total 3 pounds and a quarter :)
Now I did start weight watchers a week before I did my blog and I lost 5 pounds so I was ready for my 'week 2' to be slightly lower. Bringing my total to 8 pounds!! This has given me such a boost and I cant wait to see the scales get lower and lower.
I'll be ordering my lovely 'treat' later on today. If any of you have forgotten what it was check out my post here. Week One The Challenge Begins
Now dont forget to subscribe and check out my blog tonight to see what 'Challenge Week Two' will be.


Monday, 16 April 2012

Great Weight Watchers Deal at Sainsburys!


Just thought I would let you all know Sainsburys have got some brilliant deals on at the moment on Weight watchers products.

I work in an office and lunch times are my worst! I never know what to make myself and I never have the time to make it in the mornings so normally I head on down to my favorite little sandwich shop and get a quick bite in there. Its not exactly unhealthy but I've noticed that eating bread makes me really bloated and 'slug-ish' so i've decided to cut it out and see how I feel.

I noticed that Sainsburys have got their ready meals on 3 for £3, now I know they aren't exactly the healthiest of meals to have so I wont be having them everyday. But they are great for the days when I forget to make some lunch, I can just grab one and take it with me into the office. They have a whole range on at the moment so check it out.

They also have their yoghurts on offer two packs for £2.50 These are a great snack for during the day or if you fancy something sweet after dinner!

Now I've got such a sweet tooth and I love to make cakes! It's become a bit of a family tradition now that I make all the birthday cakes. We also have cake on a Friday at the office which I thought I was going to really miss but then I saw these at Sainsburys.

I'll let you into a little secret my favorite thing to do it get some vanila ice cream measure out about 3 points worth, then get one of the Weight Watchers Brownie slices (2 points), break it up and add it into the ice cream. And there you have a weight watchers version of a Ben & Jerrys....well kind works for me and it's only 5 points!

I've also noticed they have some Weight Watchers crisps on offer. I've got a recipe for a sumer salsa dip thats great on weight watchers points and the weight watchers hot chilli tortillas would go great with that.......maybe I'll save this for another post. So keep an eye out for my homemade Salsa recipe!

Anyway I think thats enought for us all to get trying. Let me know if you've tried any of these and what you think of them.


Friday, 13 April 2012

Week one...The challenge begins.

I've decided to set myself a goal this week to lose 3 pounds. I desperately want to be down in the 12 stone range instead of 13.

Dan came up with a great idea, if I hit my goal I get a 'treat.' I'll choose a 'treat' on the Friday in the hope that it will spur me on throughout the week to achieve my goal.

So this week I have chosen these...

Some gorgeous nail stickers that I can pamper myself with to celebrate my weight loss.

Fingers crossed these will be on my toes this time next week :)


Eeeek today's the day!

I was up all night yesterday worrying about putting this post online, but then Ii realised...once I have posted this I can start to change things. I don't want to be this size anymore. I'm not healthy and more importantly I'm not happy.

I've got to tell you all about my lovely new gadget, a brand new pair of weight watchers body analysing scales. They are amazing, I have to admit Dan was more excited than I was! They do everything, you start off by putting in your height, age and then gender. After that you jump on the scales and voilá tells you EVERYTHING, your body weight, body mass index (bmi), body water, body fat and bone mass!!

I had a shop around and found the cheapest place to get them was Next for £20 which Ii thought was a real bargain.

Right now for the first weigh in...eek. Well I got on the scales and the results are below....

I've decided I am never going to be this weight again and I never want to see this figure infront of me when I jump on the scales!

Now I've found a not very nice photo of me from two months ago which shows me at the weight I am now. Hopefully I can look back at this and be proud of myself for how far I have come and how different I look.

So let's get going! :)

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Here we go!

Hello and welcome to my first ever blog and post!

I've struggled with my weight for years, but for the past 4 years i've REALLY struggled. If you have read my 'about me' section you will know that I currently live with my partner of 4 years, Dan, he is one of these people that can eat whatever he wants and never put any weight on...I know annoying! Since being with him I've put on a lot of weight, so in January I decided to join Weight Watchers online and if I'm completely honest I've not really stuck to it.

I came online yesterday to look for some inspration, I looked for blogs, forums and couldnt really find anything that helped. So I decided to take drastic action...

I've ordered some brand new weight watchers scales to weigh myself. Then here comes the radical bit....

I'm going to put it all on here for everyone to see.....argh!!

I'll be reviewing all the latest weight watchers products, recipes and news along the way and having a weekly weigh in so you can all see my progress.

Tomorrow is going to be a big day and I'm really nervous to put how much I weigh on the internet but hopefully this will be the kick up the backside i need to final loose the weight I need to.